• Indecent  Desires - Erotic Adult Game in HD

    Indecent Desires - Erotic Adult Game in HD

    I created Vilelab for the purpose of creating quality Adult Games!

    I'm currently working on Indecent Desires, a fully interactive game with choices that influence gameplay.

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  • Sarah Monroe Sarah Monroe
  • Kate Monroe Kate Monroe
  • Monique Monroe Monique Monroe
  • Sarah Monroe

    Sarah Monroe is the dean at the University and mother of Kate and Monique. When you think of an attractive MILF you would like to spend the night with, Sarah comes to mind. Sarah has smooth olive skin that is perfectly complimented by her deep red hair which sits on her perfectly contoured face in a stylish bob. Her breasts are naturally big but still perky enough to give her a youthful appearance...

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  • Kate Monroe

    Kate is the youngest daughter of Ms. Monroe. Much like her mother, Kate is slim with a toned physique. She enjoys wearing crop tops and gym gear that shows off her washboard abs and highlights her toned butt. She has short brunette hair that is perfect for her sweet looking face. It’s easy to tell from her doe eyed stare that she is still fairly young and innocent with a lot to learn about life...

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  • Monique Monroe

    Monique is the eldest daughter of Ms. Monroe and a Nurse at the local Hospital. She is tall and toned and she has big, bouncy boobs much like her mother. She has sun kissed skin that compliments her pale features and walks with an air of cockiness because she knows she is hot! To put it simply, Monique is a bitch! She is narcissistic and believes she is perfect and more beautiful than any woman in her family or in the house...

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Game Features - Indecent Desires

High Quality

High Quality

All the images and animations are rendered in HD (1920x1080)
Amazing Erotic Story

Amazing Erotic Story

The story is written by one of the best erotic text writer. We are sure is going to stimulate you.
Expressive Faces

Expressive Faces

Our designers have amazing skills and the facial expressions of our characters are stunning!
Shocking Storyline

Shocking Storyline

This is a story about power, corruption and blackmail with a lot of twists and pervers secrets!

Check our work at Indecent Desires

Sneak Preview

Here you can have a quick look at some of our work untill now. We are working hard to develope the game Indecent Desires but this can be made only with your support. If you like what you see and you want to play the game please consider supporting us on Patreon. Also don't forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news.

A little background of our story...

Indecent Desires

“Indecent Desires” is purely fictional and is in no way based on real life events. Any similarities to real life scenarios, characters or storylines is pure coincidental. Game characters are aged 18+ and character interaction is consensual.

The underlying theme of this story is blackmail mixed with corruption and power. The main content of the story will be highlighted with interested twists that unfold as each character develops. It is a melting pot of suspense, passion and dirty secrets that culminate into a satisfying and intense experience for gamers’ pleasure!

List of fetishes

Please check the list of fetishes that are going to be included in the game and if any of them offends you, DO NOT PLAY Indecent Desires!

  • Perversion Gangbang Corruption Feet Blackmail
  • MILF Anal Voyeurism Teen Lesbian

Cryptocurrency Support

If you want to support the game development in a totally anonymous way you can support me with cryptocurrency

  • Bitcoin: 1AEaLQjWV5ZJ2rmho3Xx75FgVLrs3pV2kb
  • Ethereum: 0xf219eD2B4D88D15EC2FBF999C3a7Cb0f8aD1E2DA
  • Please contact me if you want to support Vilelab in any other cryptocurrency

You can support
us on our way to make the game real!

Indecent Desires game is going to be released in chapters. We aim to realease at least one chapter every month for now and depending on how large our staff will grow, even faster. The game is going to be free to play for everyone but our supporters are going to have early access and a lot of other goodies like Storyline Previews, Naughty Previews, Walkthrough Guide, Extra Content,
4K Ultra HD images

You can check all the benefits on our Patreon.

Vilelab Team

Download - Indecent Desires - Adult Visual Novel

PC Version

PC Version

Download Indecent Desires - the INTRO (aka Chapter 6) for PC.


Mac Version

Mac Version

Download Indecent Desires - the INTRO (aka Chapter 6) for MAC.




Download a step by step detailed walkthrough, created by Adrien.


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Vilelab Team

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